Thank You

We would like to thank a few of our most recent donors and all those who give anonymously.  We could not help so many without you:

2016-2017 Fiscal Year

Kevin Akins (Akins-Nguyen family in memory of Mary Inez Siegrist)
Doug Banks
Dennis Brown
James Brown
Sarah Burns
Jackson Clark
Bradly Coltrane
Mark Darby
Eric Farnsworth
Estelle Gay, in memory of Ken Bean
Kevin & Sheryl Goering
Richard and Susan Himes Family Fund
Thomas & Susan Jordan
Lyndsey Kucza
Mark Lee
Steven & Mary Beth Leininger
Wendall McGaugh
Carolyn Nelson
Jenny Nyp
Kent & Janet Pennybaker
Doralee Rogier
John & Valerie Roper
Jan Bowen Sheldon
Dolph C. Simons, Jr.
Spencer Soles (in memory of Mary Inez Siegrist)
Elaine & Dalton Stewart ((in memory of Mary Inez Siegrist)
Benjamin & Marilyn Tilghman
Gustav & Doretta Van Tassel
Richard & Diane Wedel
Jeffrey & Nancy Wilson

Church World Service
Clinton Presbyterian Women
Corpus Christi Community
Hallmark Cards
ICL Performance Products, LP
Lawrence Model Railroad Club
Lawrence Rotary Club
St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church
Trinity Treasures/Trinity Episcopal Church

2015-2016 Fiscal Year

RW and Ann Ailor
Phyllis Anderson
Dale and Sonya Anders
Jon Ardahl
Gary & Susan Bartlett
James and Rosie Beltch
Roland & Dolores Boehnke
Jean Bonner
Laurie Bottenfield
Dwight and Mary Brinkley
Robert & Sharon Brown
Sarah Burns
Kay and Thomas Carmody
Jesse Carney
Carol Carr
Caroline Carr
Cheldon & Mary Coleman
Vicki Condra-Williams
J & D Congrove
Barbera Copple
Susan Cranston
Terry Dahl
Mark Darby
Teresa Kempf
Theodora Dixon
Michael & Jennifer Donnelly
Debby Durham Foundation
Dietrich H Earnhart
Jahna Espinosa
Robert and Loretta Evans
Eric Farnsworth
Ron & Jane Garvin
Jack & Marsha Flowers
Timothy J Geller
Kevin & Sheryl Goering
Peggy E Goering
Tom & Gaye Groene
Gaye Grone
Eugene Hardtafar
John and Janie Harris
Paul & Beverly Hensler
Donald & Linda Herbal
James & Ann Hotchkiss
Colin and Julie Howit
ICL Performance, Inc.
Jack Skeels Memorial
Doris Johnson
Robert and Pauline Johnson
Stephen & Mary Jones
Thomas and Susan Jordan
Greta Kliewer
Dale & Wanda Kring
George and Hazel Lauppe
Kim Laverntz
Mark Lee
Paul & Nancy Leffingwell
Janis Leines
Herschel Lewis
Everett & Arlyene McGaugh
Wendall McGaugh
Patricia McGrath
Deborah McMullen & Lawrence Board of Realtors
Steven and Helen Meseraull
Ronald & Donna Meyers
Less, Shirley and Kelly Miller
Sherri Milsap
Darlene Mountain
Cheryl Mozykowski
Carolyn Nelson
Stephen & Dianna Nelson
Dan & Connie Neuenswander
Marilyn Otto
Kent and Janet Penneybaker
Donals & Jane Phelps
John & Georgia Pruetz
Holly Ramsay
Doralee Rogier
John & Valerie Roper
Cindy Ross
Hugh & Lisa Rundell
Stanley and Jeanette Sanger
Tarlin and Patricia Sabarwal
Bill & Judy Schelar
Dourlas and Lisa Schmitt
Gary and Martha Sheet
Jan Bowen Sheldon
Dolph Simons Jr
Randal & Ruth Sneegas
Gary and Constance Sollars
Paul Studebaker
Alexander Taylor
Ben & Maril Tilghman
Kent Tomlinson
Andrew Tuttle
William and Edna Vanschmus
Scott & Jeanne Waisner
Linda Walker
Thomas and Catherine Waller
Richard & Diane Wedel
Westlake Hardware
Dale & Janice Willey
Jeffrey & Nancy Wilson
Darrell Workman
Donald & Christina Wreyford
Juianne Zajic

Dennis Brown Painting
Corpus Christi
DGCO Community Foundation
Dillons-Community Awards
First Christian Church
First Presbyterian
First United Methodist Church
Graham Enterprises
Greater Horizons
Hallmark Cards
Hallmark Cards-Volunteer Involvement Pays
Heart of America Morgan Horse Association
Highland Elementary
Hulsing Hotels Kansas, Inc.
JK Services
Kroger-Dillons Community Program
Lone Star Church of the Brethern
Plastikon Healthcare
St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church
Trinity Treasures

And thank you to all the anonymous donors
who make cash and non-cash contributions
to LINK throughout the year