Modifications for serving LINK lunches during Covid-19:

Modified Serving Guidelines for serving groups:
Serving to-go meals without using the dining room.
Choice 1: Serving Nutritious Sack Lunches
Choice 2: Serving Warm Lunches to-go style
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At this time, please include a to-go drink in your meal prep such as bottled water. We thank you for your kindness and generosity.

Please join us in our goal to minimize virus exposure while still providing nutritious food to our guests.

During the Covid-19 epidemic, there will be no meals served from the kitchen or eating in the dining room. Instead, meals will be distributed to guests as To-Go meals outside of the church.

Please note that modifications to our serving process requires either:

  1. Serving groups drop off meals prepped and ready to distribute


  1. Serving groups bring warm food and prepare to-go containers in the kitchen before guests arrive.

Choice #1 – Serving Nutritious Sack Lunches

Some groups might opt to donate sack lunches that are ready to distribute.

A little Google searching can turn up healthy protein packed lunches for adults. Please be sure that sack lunches include protein, healthy carbohydrates, vegetables, fruit and maybe even a treat!

Here are a few ideas! Mix and match.

Be inventive. Cold lunches can pack a warm punch!

Choice #2 – Serving Warm Lunches To-Go Style

Tasty warm and well-rounded lunches to-go.

If your group wants to serve warm lunches with side dishes they should be be packaged in to-go containers. Members of your group (no more than 8) are welcome to come to LINK and prepare to-go containers with home made healthy food for distribution. Your group might choose to buy heavy duty paper plates and cover them with foil or locate take-out boxes.

If you have any questions please contact us. Thank you for your support.