If you have a group who would like to serve lunch at LINK on any of the following dates, please Contact us

The dates are
Saturday, June 29
Sunday, June 30
Tuesday, July 2
Friday, July 6
Thank you!

We Belong to One Another

From Anne Emert, LINK board member: At Link every child of God, can find a warm meal in a secure environment, no questions asked: I noticed a man come through the lunch line at LINK who struggled with blindness. He held my arm as we walked through the serving line. I described the food options ...

I Appreciate YOU!

From Amy Carlson, LINK board member: Once a week I pick up the recycling at LINK. There is always someone ready to help me, which turns 8 trips up and down the stairs to less than 4. One day when I was taking the last of the recycleout to the van, a helper, who also eats ...

Lunch That Heals the Body and the Budget

From Anne Emert, LINK board member and past president: In my time serving at LINK, I have met several guests with devastating medical diagnoses. This causes them to rely on social security and disability payments to meet their needs. More than once, I have heard how LINK helps them get through on fixed incomes and ...

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Time is one of our most precious gifts. Will you consider giving yours by volunteering at L.I.N.K.?

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Prep and Serve Meals

Get your meal team together and find out how to serve lunch at L.I.N.K.


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One of the most notable aspects of LINK is the attitude of the people that make it work. They are kind and caring and not the least bit condescending. They are inclined to be far more enriched than the visitors.



Our MISSION is simple: to feed people regardless of their circumstances. 

Together with our network of volunteers and community, L.I.N.K provides healthy and nutritious meals to all who come through our doors. 

We are committed to improving the quality of life and honoring the dignity of those we serve when serving a hot meal to any member of our community who wants one.

13,040 MEALS

Our serving groups prepare food and serve with loving kindness.


LINK volunteers step up on all fronts to consistently feed hungry people in Lawrence.

9,749 GUESTS

Thanks to the kindness and generosity of our community, our guests have meals they can count on 4 times a week.


Become a Volunteer

Let's do lunch!

See how you can partner with L.I.N.K. to serve lunch in our community. You are the change that you want to see in this world!

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