• L.I.N.K. is @ the First Christian Church 221 W. 10th – Lawrence, Kansas
    Lunch is @ 1 p.m., Tues., Thurs., Sat., Sun.
Lunch That Heals the Body and the Budget

Lunch That Heals the Body and the Budget

From Anne Emert, LINK board member and past president:

In my time serving at LINK, I have met several guests with devastating medical diagnoses.

This causes them to rely on social security and disability payments to meet their needs. More than once, I have heard how LINK helps them get through on fixed incomes and provides much needed meals when stretching the budget through the month.

These conversations are always a sobering reminder that any of us can be one medical diagnosis away from food insecurity. But because of places like LINK, people have a safety net where they depend on nutritious meals served with a healing touch of kindness.

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