• L.I.N.K. is @ the First Christian Church 221 W. 10th – Lawrence, Kansas
    Lunch is @ 1 p.m., Tues., Thurs., Sat., Sun.
We Belong to One Another

We Belong to One Another

From Anne Emert, LINK board member:

At Link every child of God, can find a warm meal in a secure environment, no questions asked:

I noticed a man come through the lunch line at LINK who struggled with blindness. He held my arm as we walked through the serving line. I described the food options as volunteers filled his tray.

I then walked with him and helped him find a seat.

Before he sat down, he grabbed my arm and said, “Thank you sister for helping me with my lunch today. You know you are my sister, right? Because we are all God’s children.”

I love that I am involved in a place that is for all people. No questions asked.

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