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Thanks for the Food, Mom!

Thanks for the Food, Mom!

There are moms that cook from memory.

Moms that cook from family collections of recipes.

Foodie moms that cook from favorite websites.

Moms that cook from freeze-dried contents in packages.

And moms that pick up dinner because they are just too darn busy or tired to cook!


Because Moms Cook with LOVE.

So many times I watched my mother make dinner in big pots, mounds of food for her 10 children. We all learned by watching her. We thought we were learning to cook, and we were, but we also learned the power of partaking and participating in eating together.


Lets Eat Logo

The LINK logo expresses the love that transfers from preparing, sharing, and serving food with the image of a heart for this reason. We all know the warm feeling that comes from serving or receiving food prepared by mom. At LINK we try to recreate this feeling.

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